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Tautphaus Park, Idaho Falls Saturday April 19th. Starts at 10am sharp.

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Did KTLA Overreact to Yesterday’s Earthquake?


A lot of peo­ple are mak­ing fun of KTLA anchors for get­ting under their desk when an earth­quake hit LA. BUT that is what peo­ple are sup­pose to do! No... read more


21 Voices and “Let It Go”


This dude is TALENTED. He sings “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen”… in 21 dif­fer­ent VOICES of ani­mated characters. Impres­sive. read more


Miley Gets a Tattoo She Probably Already Regrets!


Who gets a frig­gin kitty tat­too on their lip? A sad kitty. Miley Cyrus. This is her about 20th tattoo. read more


Before He Was Famous: Aaron Paul on The Price is Right!


read more


Brother Bets: Street Dancing!


This is what hap­pens when you lose a bet to your younger brother. This guy from Provo had to dance on a street cor­ner for 30 min­utes… and three com­plete... read more


The Kid Just Wants A Cupcake!


A three-year-old kid is try­ing to con­vince his mom to let him have a cupcake. He keeps call­ing her Linda… and the funny part is how he acts like he’s... read more


Robin Thicke and Wife Paula Back Together?!

Z103 Dirt

After weeks of plead­ing by Robin for wife Paula to take him back… maybe it worked. Or maybe they are just spend­ing time together with their three year old, Julian. read more


K-Fed’s Wife Giggling With Britney!

Z103 Dirt

Things are good, it looks like, between Kevin Federline’s preg­nant wife (Vic­to­ria Prince) and his ex Brit­ney Spears. They were seen get­ting along great at Kevin and Britney’s son’s soc­cer game. read more


Video Justin Doesn’t Want U To See

Z103 Dirt

If you like him now, you won’t like him after watch­ing this deposition. HOWEVER, note how ridicu­lous some of the ques­tions are. For exam­ple, what on earth does him dat­ing Selena... read more


Want Something? Just Ask For It!

Z103 Dirt

EVEN if what you want is from Queen Oprah! One of Oprah’s Twit­ter fol­low­ers asked Oprah if she could have the dress she wore on the cover of Essence mag­a­zine.... read more

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